Product Information Management (PIM) and Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) in Retail

I have been looking at Product Information Management (PIM) and Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) within Retail the past few days.

After thoroughly investigating the main focus of the Hardware / Home Improvement AND Fashion Retailers in the US and comparing the findings with what is happening (or at least the demand I see) in Europe I asked myself WHY.

Why are European especially Dutch retailers so focused on PIM and why have US retailers implemented PLM heavily in the past 10 years.

Home Depot (PTC FlexPLM), ACE Hardware (CBX Software), Patagonia (FlexPLM), Crocs (Centric Software).

I know a lot of Dutch retailers (DIY, Bike Industry, ...) that are currently implementing or starting up PIM implementations.

How do they manage the Lifecycle of their Private Labels, their inhouse manufactured products?

Besides in many industries - such as the Building, Construction and Installation Wholesalers, Retailers require Product Characteristics (ETIM, eClass, DIY). This type of data is generated at the beginning of the product lifecycle.

These reflections lead me to another overall view of the Value Chain.

Upstream = PLM, Downstream = PIM

Is this future reality - will both merge?

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