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SAP steaming up to become an all-round player in the cloud computing market

On 30 March 2010 SAP presented the availability of their on-demand, collaborative decision-making software called SAP StreamWork, formerly known as 12sprints. SAP StreamWork is transforming the way people work together, share information, make clear decisions and develop strategies.

Most businesses today use a range of applications, including e-mail, collaboration products, business systems and Web 2.0 applications to accomplish their work. In such chaotic and constantly changing work environments where information flows at an overwhelming pace it becomes hard to establish a clear decision-making foundation and get the proper results.

SAP addresses this challenge with SAP StreamWork, which brings together people, information and proven business methodologies to help teams naturally and fluidly work toward goals and outcomes. Teams can assess situations together, develop strategies and make clear decisions, with a full record of what transpired.

With customers looking for low-cost and easy-to consume pricing models that are flexible and can be altered to meet changing business needs, SAP is offering SAP StreamWork through a tiered subscription model that includes a free version.

To learn more about the functionality of SAP StreamWork visit the Tutorials section or watch the SAP StreamWork YouTube channel at YouTube SAP StreamWork.

Breaking down the barriers to adoption of Cloud Computing is not an easy task. It requires vision, years of technology innovation and the financial capabilities - the power - to transform vision into practice.

In the last few years SAP has worked hard to become an all-round Cloud Computing company, by acquiring and developing innovative Cloud-oriented technologies.

February 2009 - Acquisition of Coghead
On 19 February 2009, SAP acquired the intellectual property assets of Coghead, the next generation platform for building web applications.

Read more about Coghead on SAP Web 2.0 by Timo Elliot at SAP Cloud Platform.

May 2009 - Acquisition of Skydata
On 25 May 2009, SAP acquired the innovative start-up company Skydata, a new type of business mobile “Mashup” application provider, that enables fast and easy access to all enterprise business data on RIM, Windows Mobile and Apple iPhone devices.

Read more about SkyData on SAP Web 2.0 by Timo Elliot at SAP acquires Skydata for agility and mobility.

September 2009 - SAP Gravity
End of September 2009 SAP Research in Brisbane, Australia and SAP Netweaver Development presented SAP Gravity, a Business Processing Modeling Tool for Google Wave. SAP Gravity is a prototype providing real-time, cloud-based collaborative business process modeling within Google Wave.

Google Wave is Google’s new real-time collaboration platform that combines features of e-mail, social networking, wikis and instant messaging in one integrated browser-based client. Google Wave offers rich developer APIs to extend the core functionality with custom components.

SAP Gravity has been embedded as a Google Wave “gadget” that can be added within the Google Wave client. Leveraging the collaborative features of Google Wave, all business process modeling activities get propagated in near real-time to all other participants of the Wave. In addition, participants of the Wave can use all other features provided by Google and its developer community to enrich the collaborative modeling experience.

Read more about Gravity on SAP Web 2.0 by Timo Elliot at SAP Gravity Collaboration using Google Wave.

Meanwhile SAP is integrating the Gravity prototype into SAP StreamWork.

SAP Research RoofTop Marketplace
A new kind of Web-based application, known as Enterprise Mashups, has gained momentum in the last years: Business users with no or limited programming skills are empowered to leverage in a collaborative manner user friendly building blocks and to combine and reuse existing Web-based resources within minutes to new value added applications in order to solve an individual and ad-hoc business problem.

SAP Research St. Gallen in Switzerland build the SAP Research RoofTop Marketplace prototype as part of their participation in the European Framework Programme 7 project Fast Morfeo. FAST aims at providing an innovative visual programming environment that will facilitate the development of next-generation composite user interfaces. It constitutes a novel approach to application composition and business process definition from a top-down user-centric perspective.

The SAP Research RoofTop Marketplace prototype is a Web-based application based on AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) that demonstrates the power of Mashups and presents an intuitive environment to create Enterprise Mashups without any programming skills.

Read the paper Towards A Reference Model for Grassroots Enterprise Mashup Environments.

Read more about SAP Research Rooftop Marketplace on SAP Web 2.0 by Timo Elliot at SAP Innovation Enterprise Mashup prototype RoofTop Marketplace.

SAP launched the beta release of StreamWork in February 2010 under the codename 12Sprints and managed to attract the attention of some well-known providers of web-based on-demand solutions, such as, Evernote and Scribd. These companies teamed up with SAP and embraced the software’s open architecture. They established integration with their solutions within a few weeks time.

-, based in Palo Alto, California, was founded on a simple, powerful idea: people should be able to access and share their content from anywhere.

The Box’s cloud content management platform makes it simple for businesses to share, access and manage content online. The integration with SAP StreamWork enables users to easily add their Box content, such as research reports, marketing and creative assets, or project plans to an SAP StreamWork activity, so that relevant content can be present in the decision-making process.

Additionally SAP StreamWork users can also create Box folders directly within SAP StreamWork and associate them with a specific activity.

The integration with SAP StreamWork demonstrates - is another example of - how the cloud continues to be a viable platform for businesses of all sizes, said Karen Appleton, vice president of business development at

Most people will know from the LinkedIn Files application that enables LinkedIn users to:
* upload, organize and manage files to share with other members
* share documents, presentations, photos, videos and audio on their profile page
* send files stored on seamlessly with other users through LinkedIn messaging system
* collaborate and connect with LinkedIn members through project files and folders

Want to learn how to use on LinkedIn watch the YouTube video LinkedIn’s Application.

Evernote is an independent, privately held company headquartered in Mountain View, California.

The goal of Evernote is to give everyone the ability to easily capture any moment, idea, inspiration, or experience whenever they want using whichever device or platform they find most convenient, and then to make all of that information easy to find.

Evernote provides a multi-platform content capture and organization service, that works across the computers and phones people are using on a daily basis. Evernote is integrated into SAP StreamWork, allowing users to pull information from Evernote directly into an SAP StreamWork activity.

“Successful teamwork requires that all stakeholders easily share their thoughts and information in order to make the right decisions,” said Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote. “From collecting research to sharing ideas, every aspect of a project needs to be well handled to ensure the best results. Evernote and SAP StreamWork make this possible.

Evernote allows individuals to take notes, save research and capture ideas anywhere using their computers and phones. That content is then automatically sent into their SAP StreamWork projects, where team members can collaborate and use the data to inform their decisions. Together, Evernote and SAP StreamWork get users from idea to decision fast.”

Scribd is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and launched in 2007. Meanwhile Scribd became the largest social publishing and reading site in the world.

On Scribd, people can easily turn any file - such as PDF, Word and PowerPoint - into a web document and immediately connect with passionate readers and information-seekers on the thriving community, through connected sites such as Facebook or Twitter and search engines such as Google.

Scribd has contributed document reader technology to SAP StreamWork allowing users to read documents in formats such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel directly within the SAP StreamWork environment, without having to download or open the file in a new window. “Integrating Scribd technology into SAP StreamWork gives people access to all of the documentation they need to make informed decisions,” said Jared Friedman, CTO and co-founder, Scribd.

Read the news announcement SAP® StreamWork™ Helps Companies of All Sizes Transform the Way People Work on the website of SAP.

Tags: ERP, CRM, cloud computing, mashups

Last updated: 27-06-2010