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Are you ready for a tailored ERP approach on!

Large ERP suites repeatedly fail to deliver to expectations leading to huge cost overruns and disappointments.

Many companies are reluctant to start their second-time (or third) ERP project and continue struggling. Implementation of ERP, almost always, boils down to "projects limited by technology". While companies only want to automate their business processes, information house-keeping and interactions with upstream and downstream supply chain partners.

Nowadays companies look for alternative agile approaches to shape their business information systems landscape.

One such approach is best-of-breed.

But, an on-premise best-of-breed approach is not a viable option. It requires a strong integration platform and a huge degree of openness of involved applications.

Integration-in-the-Cloud, on the other hand, is a lot easier. A best-of-breed approach using solutions available on the platform can be done smoothly.

Some best-of-breed already working combinations are: Rootstock - FinancialForce and PropelPLM / Rootstock and SalesForce CRM.

I believe that the 'customer-to-customer' processes of a manufacturing company can easily be automated with a best-of-breed approach. Best-of-breed becomes a simple configuration act - in the same way that we configure a bike using the best components available.

Check out the components in the process flow below:

Click here to view the process flow on SlideShare.

[Begin Update: October 2018]

I have been using Archimate lately to model and show existing and future Process- and Application Landscapes. The picture below shows how this would look for the above process flow.

Overview of interesting Cloud-based ( solutions that fit in a best-of-breed approach:

  • Rootstock ERP software
  • Functionality: Cost Accounting, Purchasing, Replenishment Planning, MRP, DRP, Shop Floor Control, Lot Serial Control, Revision Management, Engineering Change Orders, Inventory, AP, AR, General Ledger, CPQ, Product Configurator, Kit handling, ETO, ATO, CTO, MTS, Service Contracts and Warranty Management, Service Return Management, and so on ...

  • Asset Optics
  • Products: Planning & Scheduling, Preventive Maintenance, Work Management, MRO Procurement, Inventory Management, Asset Management

    Reference: Buzzballz

  • PropelPLM
  • Tacton Systems
  • ServiceMax
  • Product: Digital orchestration layer ensures end2end business process orchestration across Salesforce Cloud & best-of-breed cloud services and SAP Business Suite and/or SAP HANA Cloud.

  • Apttus
  • With Apttus you automate your Quote to Cash and your Source to Pay processes. Apttus also offers solutions for the sell-side consisting of e-commerce, contract management, revenue management and CPQ. Moreover Apttus stands next to Oracle in The Forrester Wave™: Configure-Price-Quote Solutions, Q1 2017.

  • DemandWare - Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud empowers retailers to unify customer experiences across all points of commerce - web, social, mobile and store.

  • Steelbrick - Salesforce CPQ
  • Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) with Renewal and Order Automation.

  • CloudCraze
  • B2B companies are transforming their digital engagement strategies to be faster, more agile and scalable. Gain a competitive advantage by using a commerce solution built on Salesforce - CloudCraze.

    [End Update: October 2018]

    The ultimate ERP feel is ‘tailored ERP’.

    If you have read my posts about the innovation of your ERP, the best-of-breed approach fits in the steps Sub-Project Selection Contracting and Sub-Project Implementation. Gradually in time all components needed to support your business are all integrated - implemented.

    "Take the innovation of your ERP-system in your own hands!"

    "Which approach to follow for the innovation of your ERP?"

    My focus areas are business processes, business information systems (ERP, CRM, BPM, ...) and integration of business processes and systems over the boundaries of companies AND not to forget Open Source business applications.

    If you have an opinion about the implementation or the use of ERP in the Cloud then do not hesitate to react. If you agree with the fundamentals then share it with others.

    Tags: ERP, Cloud, BPM, Rootstock, Salesforce, PropelPLM, DSDM

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