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❄ What makes Scotch & Soda so interesting? (Part three)

Last year, at the beginning of autumn at the height of my research into Supply Chain and Warehouse Management solutions, my attention was drawn to the Amsterdam-based lifestyle fashion brand Scotch & Soda.

Some announcements in the online press prompted a deep-dive into the world and history of Scotch & Soda.

The deep dive revealed an interesting and compelling journey of a Dutch wholesaler, that grew into a leading international player in the fashion and clothing sector.

See the link to part one and two under references.

The steps towards a composable digital business landscape

Scotch & Soda does not choose to replace its outdated ERP solution with D365 Finance and Supply Chain Management.

The platforms and solutions of NEW BLACK and Manhattan Associates are introduced while the value chain runs on the newest RFID-tags of Checkpoint Systems and the Nedap iD Cloud platform.

🌄 NEW BLACK Unified Commerce Platform EVA

“EVA transformed us from the flintstones into the Jetsons!”Karis Durmer, CEO Scotch & Soda Americas

New Black, the company behind Scotch & Soda's Unified Commerce platform, is unknown to many.

“We are just a bunch of NERDS, transforming the world of (e)commerce with our truly unique Unified Commerce Platform (EVA), a creation of an ultra-modern, highly adaptive and Technology Agnostic eco-system.”New Black

New Black works for leading brands and retailers such as Rituals, Intersport, GrandVision, Fjallraven and Scotch & Soda.

With EVA, its Unified Commerce Platform, New Black targets large companies with a focus on the (non-food) luxury segments such as fashion, electronics, beauty and cosmetics.

New Black's goal is to enable brands and retailers to adapt to changes in their environment and facilitate a future-proof, customer-centric, integrated digital architecture.

“EVA, our Unified Commerce Platform, is an SAAS toolset which has the power and the scope to reduce op to 70% of the use of the ’ classical’ monolithic application in common IT Enterprise Architecture.”NEW Black, Microsoft Partner

Out-of-the-box, EVA brings a solution for running in-store logistics and providing a seamless shopping experience consisting of:

  • Finance and Control
  • Mobile Point of Sales (mPOS)
  • Order Management System (OMS)
  • Inventory Management & Fulfillment
  • Advanced order orchestration
  • Real-time fulfillment calculation
  • Omnichannel price & promotion management

  • Moreover, a Software Development Kit (SDK) is provided for building portals, apps and websites to support omnichannel processes such as Click & Collect, Ship-from-Store, Endless Aisle.

    New Black strengthens its EVA platform with:

  • the payment platform of Adyen
  • [See references: "Adyen goes live with Tap to Pay on iPhone"]

  • the scanning-engine of Scandit for scanning barcodes with the mPOS
  • [See references: "Scandit Partner Spotlight: New Black"]

  • the clienteling app of Mercaux in which Scandit is integrated
  • Mercaux is also used by the eCommerce platform (commercetools) and the Fluent Commerce DOM, from Emma, the Sleep Company.

    [See references: "Mercaux’s Partner Network"]

    EVA, runs entirely under Microsoft Azure.

    “With Microsoft Azure we can build and deploy our application consistently, seamlessly manage data, enable Anywhere Access with single sign-on, and deliver integrated security and management across on-premises and the cloud.”NEW Black, Microsoft Partner

    The EVA-based Unified Commerce solution ensures seamless shopping while at the same time complying with (inter)national privacy and tax laws. With a company's stores as an anchor point, EVA unifies all customer touchpoints and enables a unique brand experience.

    Is EVA PaaS or SaaS?

    EVA - in my opinion - is more a combination of SaaS (with the existing solutions / functionalities) and aPaaS (application development- and implementationenvironment) as appropriate within MACH a lot of integrated partner-solutions.

    [See references: "Microsoft Azure: What is PaaS?"]

    🌄 Adyen - Tap to Pay | Juli 2022

    “We are thrilled that Scotch & Soda is one of the groundbreakers to launch Tap to Pay on iPhone. As consumers increase their use of digital wallets, Tap to Pay provides a secure and contactless payment option which ensures our customers will have a seamless checkout experience.”Karis Durmer, CEO Scotch & Soda Americas

    Adyen, the global financial technology platform, recently launched its solution that allows businesses to use their iPhones to accept contactless payments.

    Adyen has teamed up with New Black to enable this payment facility for retailers such as G-Star and Scotch & Soda.

    “As consumers increase their use of digital wallets, Tap to Pay provides a secure and contactless payment option which ensures our customers will have a seamless checkout experience.”Karis Durmer, CEO Scotch & Soda Americas

    [See references: "Adyen goes live with Tap to Pay on iPhone"]


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    Adyen goes live with Tap to Pay on iPhone

    Microsoft AppSource: EVA Unified Commerce Platform

    Microsoft Azure: What is PaaS?

    Mercaux’s Partner Network

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